Hana’s Perfect Christmas Plans

Hana's Perfect Christmas Plans by Kathy Watkins and Susan Irwin

JUST RELEASED in time for Christmas!

Stressed out by the election, world events, or Christmas preparations? Sit back with your favorite beverage and relax as you enjoy our free, lighthearted, short story! We are excited to offer to all of our fans a free download of Hana’s Perfect Christmas Plans. Enjoy the characters you fell in love with in Chasing Hope. This short story takes place about a month after Chasing Hope ends. Hana plans for the Christmas she had always dreamed of and seen on TV and in Christmas cards. Things don’t go quite as planned, however, and she must make major adjustments to the reality of her first Christmas. After all, she is a newlywed with 18 children in their orphanage when her new American family and an unwelcome guest visit.

All in all, this is a great introduction to Hana and the other beloved characters whether or not you have read Chasing Hope. You are sure to discover new favorites among these lovable children at the orphanage. Fall in love with one or more kids and you will want to bring them home to help celebrate Christmas with you. Hopefully, you can find some way to make an orphan’s Christmas special in some way. Perhaps you will even discover with Hana how you can obtain hope for your own imperfect Christmas celebration despite your own unwelcome guests or surprises that reality sometimes brings. Claim your free copy now.

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