Chasing Hope

 Chasing Hope by Kathy Watkins and Susan Irwin
Chasing Hope
by Kathy Watkins and Susan Irwin

       Chasing Hope is our debut novel. We completed Chasing Hope and it is now available for sale!

       Chasing Hope is a Christian contemporary fiction that is overflowing with adventure and romance and sprinkled with mystery. Hana Douglas, a young Korean American woman, wished that she could escape her problems and pain and fly away like the planes at the airport. She is at the end of her rope and prays about what to do. Ronald Gordon, a friendly older stranger, discloses that he has just learned of his impending death. His dying wish is to find his war bride and he wants to hire Hana to locate her. Hana decides that this may just be God’s next step for her, but questions her decision as soon as she boards the plane.
        When Corporal Dennis Ronald Gordon is promoted and given leave during the Korean War, he had no idea that his entire life was about to change. He falls in love with a young Korean woman named Myeong and is married. The young couple exchange gifts, never realizing how these gifts would affect their future and result in danger. They were not been married for one full day when he overhears plans for the Battle of Kapyong. He is wounded in the battle, has amnesia, and is sent back to his home near Seattle. He and his young war bride are separated and it takes a lifetime to find each other again.
        Finding Myeong proves difficult and opens the doors to global travel and adventures. Unraveling the mystery of Myeong and functioning as an instrument in the hand of God causes Hana to grow and learn to trust God more. Will Hana find Myeong before Ronald dies?
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